Wednesday, March 11, 2015

55000 Pages Reveal Lack of Character

Hillary Clinton hands over 55000 pages of email.

Think about that... a ream of paper is 500 sheets of paper. So 110 reams of paper, or 11 cases of paper (weighting ~26 pounds per case) were loaded into a printer, printed, stacked back into a box, then delivered to the State Department in December of last year.

Think About it Some More

  • Who read and filtered the email messages for content?
  • How would you sift through 4-5 five years of email to print (or omit) specific documents?
  • Does 55,000 pages = 55,000 unique email threads? WaPo quotes 30,000 messages.
  • How many printers and people does it take to print 55,000 pages?
  • Why not turn over the email in electronic format?

What the Print Job Looks Like (The Simple Model):

  • A resource logs into the email account (archive, live, or otherwise)
  • Opens an email message
  • Reads the email message
  • Decides to print or skip the message
  • Send the message to the printer
  • Stacks the output into a box
  • Moves to the next message (repeats for 55,000 pages)

How a Dummy does the Job

  • Log into the email account.
  • Run quick searches for keywords like:
    • "Bill" or "Chelsea" or other "key" people
  • Search for key words like: 
    • "vacation", "wedding", or "foundation" or "donation" 
    • or other key terms - just use your imagination!
  • Search for key dates like 
    • "September 11, 2011 (maybe a few days before or after)
  • Move those messages to a different folder
  • Repeat until all personal email is sorted
  • Review (one more time)
  • Delete 30,000 personal messages
  • Print the rest


This is not a one woman job.
That is one heck of a solid printer (probably not a personal inkjet).

Personal Opinion and Prediction

  • Somebody filtered the email -- probably more than one person.
  • 55,000 sounds like a lot, but it is a meaningless statistic.
  • 55,000 sheets of paper were turned-over to hamper discovery.
  • An electronic copy would have taken
    • 10 minutes to prepare
    • 10 minutes to send to State
    • 10 minutes for State to discover the smoking email threads
  • A backup exists on an external drive or removable storage device (control freaks "“I’m like two steps short of a hoarder,” do not like single points of failure).
  • Trey Gowdy went to bed last night with a smile on his face.
  • Hackers have some of the email, and the leaking will start today and drip... drip... drip... into the media like a slow motion water-boarding.
  • Eventually the NY Times will state the obvious -- that they really want fauxcahauntus as their candidate. 

Bottom Line:

While the content of the email server will never be known, the content of her character is plain to see.



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