Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Audibly–Audiobooks for iPhone

Audibly–Audiobooks for iPhone

AppAdvice.com gives a great overview of: Audibly- 2,947 audiobooks for free. (Free) by Spreadsong, Inc The article gives users an overview of the library of free audiobooks for iPhone or iPod Touch. 

UPDATE: 2011 10 10

This post continues to report as one of my most popular, so it's time for an update.

Over the weekend I was listening to Grimm's Fairy Tales and was irked at the insertion of Audibly disclaimers are the beginning of each Fairy Tale. For longer works, this disclaimer is less annoying, but a Fairy Table, or fable might be 100 to 150 words. Constant repetition of the disclaimer became painful. 

That being said, the readings are crisp, easy to understand, and free - which makes up for some lack of app functionality.


For smaller chapters, or for the very short story, group them into Chapters of 10-15 minutes each and place the disclaimer on the entire chapter


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