Xolo FAQs

Why Xolotech?

It started with Peter Seiner's cartoon in the New Yorker magazine "On the internet, nobody knows that you're a dog"

This site is named after the Xoloitzcuintli. 
Say: "Shoh-lohts-QUEENT-ly"

"Xolos were considered sacred dogs by the Aztecs (and also Toltecs, Mayans and some other groups) because they believed the dogs were needed by their masters’ souls to help them safely through the underworld..." (Wikipedia).  

Xolotech Consulting LLC is here to guide people through the current technological world. 

“Que Sais-je?”

Literally, "What do I know?" from Michel de Montaigne 
  • What is the difference between opinion and fact 
  • How many opinions do it take to establish a fact?
  • How does the world function when everyone is an expert?
  • Why not challenge reason and observation? 
  • What would you see/learn/know if you changed your perspective? 
  • Is it possible to answer a FAQ with six more questions? 

Is this all-original material?

No, it is not.
"I have gathered a garland of other men’s flowers, and nothing is mine but the cord that binds them". ~ Michel de Montaigne. 
Xolotech is about curating content. We pull together disparate ideas, add our two cents, then try to publish a post with the goal of increased meaning and learning opportunities. We assemble content for coherent use, and act as catalyst for dialogue between the consumer, the content creator, and the curator.

Privacy Policy (Link

Disclosures (Income, Content, Philosophical):

  • Our site includes advertising modules (Google AdSense) and links to Amazon products (Amazon Associates). We appreciate any click-through, but do not expect to make a fortune on the transactions from this blog. If you want to know the math: We recently had a $525 hardware purchase via our Amazon Associates link: payoff is just under $25. Typical Amazon commission is 4% and our typical sale is ~$20.
  • Of course, if you want to send us piles of money, or swag, or products to test, we can work out an arrangement (full disclosure: we will disclose first and deposit the check later).  
  • I have received many life lessons from friends, relatives and co-workers. Most stories will be sanitized to protect the innocent (and the guilty).
  • Xolotech policy is to credit first, link, and cite. Content should belong to the creator and not to some aggregation bot. We are under Creative Commons license (follow the link at the bottom of any page).  
  • The primary author of this blog has previously worked at Microsoft, Emerson, Bisys/Citibank, Gap, Charles Schwab, Cognizant, Alorica and several other insurance and finance companies. The opinions with my byline are my own, and probably should be verified, confirmed, corroborated, sustained, substantiated, affirmed, tested, proved, or examined by your lawyer, CPA, Dentist, Professor, Veterinarian or other responsible adult. 
  • Please keep this blog out of the reach of children and the slow-witted.