Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LinkedIn – Professional Networking

LinkedIn – Professional Networking

Charlie White of Mashable presents a terrific Infographic: “How Are People Really Using LinkedIn

 White points out that Executives use the service in a very different way than entry-level workers.

Executives use LinkedIn to promote their business, and entry-level used it for job searching. It is interesting that “Keeping in Touch” and “Industry Networking was similar between the the two groups. Co-Worker Networking shows an interesting gap: executives 13% and entry-level 23%.

Executive might need to focus on networking where they are… and maybe watch a few episodes of Undercover Boss.

“How often do you access LinkedIn?” 39% responded, “less than once a month” or “never”. 100 million users, but 39 million come to the site less than every 30 days? Then again, 18 million are not aware that there are ads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn might need to be concerned with stickiness and with the feedback from Jonathan Blum of TheStreet: LinkedIn IPO Arrives as Users Log Off. Blum opines that LinkedIn suffers from stale information, services that are not well defined, poor content curation, and increasing competition. He also admits that he hasn’t been to the site in months.

Que sais-je?


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