Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colleges that Help Grads Get Top Salaries -- Hook-em!

Colleges That Help Grads Get Top Salaries - 

...SmartMoney stripped all that [marketing hype] away in favor of a simpler benchmark. With help from PayScale, a Seattle-based compensation-data company that maintains salary profiles of 29 million workers, we collected median pay figures for two pools of each school's alums: recent grads (who've been out of school for an average of two years) and midcareer types (an average of 15 years out). 

For each class, we divided the median alumnus salary by tuition and fees (assuming they paid full price at then-current rates), averaged the results and, finally, converted that result to a percentage figure. The outcome: a measure of return on (tuition) investment that we've dubbed the Payback Score. For example, a hypothetical grad who spent $100,000 to attend college and now earns $150,000 a year would score 150. The higher the score, obviously, the better."

The University of Texas came in second using the SmartMoney criteria. Make sure to check out the Interactive chart.

Of course, we posted: how to save 50% on UT tuition, and double your return by knocking off your freshman and sophomore years at Austin Community College (or any other community college).


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