Monday, August 22, 2011

Email Overload and How to Fix It

Email Overload and How to Fix It

Nick Mehta on Mashable: 4 Reasons Why Email Overload Is Your Own Fault:

We wanted a world of open communication, and we got it. The problem is that openness cuts both ways. Regardless of the technology, we can address these issues by retraining ourselves and engaging in some serious self-discipline. There are many schools of thought on how to do it and even a grassroots movement that follows TED curator Chris Anderson’s Email Charter [linked below]. This is something I consciously work on every day and emphasize in my company. Getting communications right as a society is very simple, and it starts with me as the sender."

How to Fix the Problem: Retrain Yourself

These are older books, but the core material is just fine. I actually read the 2nd Edition of Total Workday Control, the 3rd Edition has just been released, but I hate paying full price for basic themes and concepts that I can easily adapt to new technology. 

Bottom Line:

Control your email and lead others by your great example. 


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