Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NOKIA 520 521 Quick Tips

Nokia 520 / 521 Windows 8.x Quick Tips

The nice lady that had my telephone number before me doesn't like to pay her bills. Three years later she still gives out my number! The calls are annoying, are never going to end - no matter how many times I explain the situation.

I suspect bill collectors are paid by the number of times they dial a number and that they get extra points for making the promise to "remove your number from this account" before they sell it to the next collection agency.  

So, here are quick tips to block a phone number, add a person to speed dial and add a person to the start screen for a Nokia 520 or 521, which are the ATT and T-Mobile versions of the same phone. 

If you want the 105 page instruction guide here is the link: (521_UG_en_US in PDF file format). 

How to BLOCK a Phone Number

  1. After you hang-up on the caller
  2. Click on the T-Mobile (or ATT)  telephone icon
  3. Touch and HOLD the phone number you want to block
  4. On the pop-up window, Select BLOCK and confirm 
  5. The screen will show a confirmation message
My contact list is huge (600+ people AFTER my January clean-up). I use MS Outlook on a desktop to manage my contact list - since using a phone would be tedious. Also, once the contact is created in Outlook, I can drag and drop the same contact into my wife's phone.
Creating a smaller list on my phone, a friends and family list, is a big help.

Here are two tips for using Speed Dial and adding someone to the Start Screen. The big difference: Speed Dial is one-touch to dial a number, using the Start Screen method will prompt you to select a telephone number.

Add Someone to Speed Dial

  1. Click on the T-Mobile (or ATT) telephone icon
  2. Swipe left to the Speed Dial Page
  3. Click the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the screen 
  4. Use the Search feature to find the contact you want
  5. Select the correct number (home, cell, work, etc.)
  6. The contact image and that specific number will be saved
  7. When you touch the icon - the phone will auto-dial 

Add Someone to the Start Screen

  1. Go to the People App
  2. Find the contact that you want to add
  3. Touch and HOLD – then select Pin to Start
  4. An icon will show up on your start page
  5. When you touch the icon, you will be prompted to pick a phone number

Bottom Line:

The Nokia Windows phones allow several techniques to access contacts. Find your favorite method and avoid using "search" for every contact.


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