Thursday, June 13, 2024

OneNote Tags Summary - Priority Workaround

Microsoft OneNote’s Tags Summary provides an overview of all your tagged notes, making it easier to organize and find information. When you create tags within your notes, they automatically appear in the summary. However, there’s a common issue: checked items (completed tasks) tend to dominate the list, pushing other tags down.

Workaround: Naming Tags for Priority

To address this, follow these steps:

Create Your Tags:
  1. Open OneNote and create the tags you need. For this workaround, we’ll use numeric prefixes.
  2. For important tags, name them with a prefix like “1 - Urgent” or “2 - High Priority.” Picking a good icon can help. 
Generate the Summary:
  1. Go to the Tags Summary task pane (usually located on the right side).
  2. Click Refresh Results to update the summary.
Prioritize Tags:
  1. The summary will display all tags, including the ones you named with prefixes.
  2. Since tags are sorted alphabetically, your priority tags (e.g., “1 - Urgent”) will appear at the top.
Avoid Checked Items Issue:
  1. By using numeric prefixes, you ensure that your essential tags remain visible even if you have completed tasks (checked items).

Tags Summary Example


With this workaround, you can organize your tags effectively and prevent checked items from overshadowing critical tags in the OneNote Tags Summary. 

If you make changes to your tags, remember re-tag your notes and refresh the summary. 


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