Thursday, June 6, 2024

Business Continuity for WFH

Working from home has been my reality since February 2020, and it's mostly been a smooth experience. However, multiple power outages on the same day (Because: Texas) has presented unique challenges.

Despite having a whole house battery backup, (from Base Power - certain devices still reboot or restart, impacting productivity and workflow.

When the power blinks, multiple devices need time to restart and reconnect, causing delays that disrupt my work. The primary culprits are the Arris modem, Netgear router, Amazon digital assistants, digital clocks, and Trane smart thermostats. The frustration of waiting several minutes for connectivity to come back online can be substantial, especially in the middle of an important video conference or when meeting tight deadlines.

To mitigate these issues, I added a CyberPower Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to my home office setup. A UPS provides immediate power from its battery - bridging the (300ms) gap between the outage and the whole house backup coming online - ensuring that my essential devices remain online during short outages or power fluctuations.

This small investment should enhance my work-from-home experience, maintaining a stable and continuous workflow without worrying about power instability.

Now... patiently wait for another storm to give it a test.


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