Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations

A Man’s Got to Know His Data Limitations

Is your Unlimited Data Plan about to go Marguerite Reardon from Signal Strength on c|net has a solid summary: No unlimited data plan? Help! (FAQ).

Maggie Reardon's Back of the Envelope Calculations:

“Here's a little guide put together by Verizon to give you an idea of howimage much data certain activities eat up:
  • Email (text only) = 10KB
  • Typical Web Page Lookup* = 1.5MB
  • Audio Streaming = 40MB/hr
  • Low-Resolution Video Streaming = 200MB/hr
  • High-Resolution Video Streaming = 400MB/hr
  • Digital Photo download/upload (Hi-Res) = 1MB”

Pay special attention to her suggestions on changes to email settings, restricting use to Wi-Fi connections, and apps to help you track usage.

Bottom Line: 

What content providers giveth, the carriers will taketh away (or charge huge fees for access).

The cloud is fine, until they figure out how to tax the rain.


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