Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More on Social Mullets

Latkatukka - More on Social Mullets

Stephen Shankland of DeepTech posts on C|net news, "Here it is, in brief: I want to offer public commentary on the tech world through Google+, but I don't want my ceaseless techno-talk to clog friends' and family's Google+ streams." How a Google+ Gap Keeps me on FaceBookSeparation of public and private, work and social, shared and protected activities will continue to be a challenging topic.  

Xolotech has posted that Facebook and LinkedIn serve different purposes (See: Latkatukka). Rocky Agrawal of TechCrunch adds to the discussion via an article: “When Google Circles Collide

“Google is absolutely right when it says that there are multiple circles in people’s lives. There are certainly many in mine. The way I’ve solved it to date is to just use different social networks for different social circles. I’m careful about who I accept into different groups. For example:
  • Facebook. Generally I have to have met you in person and would consider a friend in a broad definition of the word. This includes random friends, co-workers past and present, classmates, friends-of-friends. I don’t accept friend requests from strangers or people I have only met once at a conference.
  • Twitter. Obviously anyone is welcome to follow me. I will follow people who engage in topics I care about.
  • foursquare. I limit foursquare friends to people who I have met and I’m likely to spend time with. Of my friends on Facebook who are also on foursquare, I’m only foursquare friends with half of them.
  • LinkedIn. All about search for a job, business development and recruiting people. I accept LinkedIn requests from people I’ve worked with, partner companies, people I meet at conferences, etc.”
This seems like a lot of work to solve the problem of which information is shared with which friends. Maybe a phone call would be better.


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