Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Test Yourself - Digital Learning and Digital Working

Success in the digital work world includes online education. 

Classes with the same syllabus and the same teacher will be very different based on the how the class is delivered. The ability to work in a distributed team environment is a necessary skill in the modern workplace.

Your learning style may not work with all delivery styles. So, try all three versions of classes: the traditional classroom setting, the 100% online class, and the hybrid class. Hybrid classes might meet at the beginning of the semester and periodically through-out the semester with much of the work conducted online. 

What should you look for: 

  • Can you deal with isolation? 
  • Are you disciplined enough to meet deadlines? 
  • Are your communications skills solid?
One of my employers was pressed for call center space during their peak selling season. We ran a test to see what challenges would face our Customer Support Representatives if we let them work from home. We would  provide them with a connection to the company, a laptop and VOIP connection to take calls. 

The key learning: The same people that thrive in a noisy call center, struggled when working from home. All of the social interaction was gone: team lunches, team meetings, contests, and water-cooler conversations. 

The work-from-home agent would be a different person than are normal CSR, and our HR department had to figure out a new hiring profile. 

Will you be effective as a road warrior, or should you be in an environment with higher interaction? There is a difference between Myers-Briggs Extroverts and Introverts.

Que sasi-je?


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