Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School - Compare Book Prices

Back to School - Compare Book Prices

MarketWatch describes the FREE Amazon Student App for iPhone Makes Back to School a Breeze:

"'Students care about getting the best deal possible on their textbooks and all of their dorm essentials, and now they can easily compare prices and save money no matter where they are,' said Julie Todaro, VP of Books at Amazon. 

'Plus, for eligible textbooks, when they're done with the book, they can scan the barcode, see the trade-in price, and submit the books for trade-in with Amazon, all right from their phone.

We just shopped for Senior year (Texas State University) and found Amazon much cheaper for our Statistics textbook. In fact, we saved enough that we ordered the Companion Study Guide as well.

We also sold our Literature and Psychology books from last semester...

Bottom Line: 
Good deal from Amazon.


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