Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Personal Brand

Personal Brand

Dorie Clark (@DorieClark) writes "Why Your Personal Brand Shouldn't Be Your Personal Brand" and remarks "... the "Expert Model," more appropriate for solo practitioners and some executives -- your personal and business brands are essentially synonymous. That's because your business model depends on you getting famous and people paying a premium to work with you specifically. Instead of selling a process or a commodity, you're selling access to your unique insights, applied to the client's situation."

Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media (@LisaBarone) chides "Get Over Yourself and Build Your Personal Brand" "There’s a twisted belief that investing in your personal brand means that you either have no life OR you have an ego. Okay, usually we’re led to believe that it means both. But ignoring your personal brand is like ignoring social media or the Web, in general. It’s a death sentence. We all need to wake up." 

Barone quotes Alan D. Mutter from UC Berkeley "Given the steady fragmentation of the media, the growing paucity of jobs and the nano-ization of freelance pay, it increasingly is up to people who want to be journalists to take affirmative action to promote their work to build audiences they can monetize so they can have satisfying and remunerative careers. This presumes, of course, that said individuals have produced quality work, a subject covered thoroughly in any proper journalism program."

The Bottom Line: 

I am NOT CREEPY (inside joke from a Austin Social Media Club (@SMCAustin), I'm INTP, OK, sometimes I test INTJ, a little inner-conflict is a good thing!
Our small business (closed as of an 2015), Texas Little Black Book.com ran headlong into the personal branding issue when trying to market "personal branding" to a market that was (is) clearly not ready to be branded. StyleSeat was able to gain some traction, but the customer is not on the social media adoption curve.

I am struggling with all of the self-branded experts in Social Media - who appear to have thousands of ideas, hundreds of tools, tons of "brand", but no curriculum vitae.


Personally, I am not ready to be branded.

In the meantime, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, write two blogs, and manage web presence for Myllyons LLC, Gelsey Kennels, and the Eagle Ridge Owners Association, while holding down a day job as a PM for eCommerce integration projects. 

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