Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why You Should Still Go to College

Go to College: Sure, Why Not?

Zac Bissonnette (@ZacBissonette) writes: Why You Should Still Go to College | Moneyland |

"Most of the people who end up graduating from college and are worse for the experience made significant mistakes in getting their diploma. Mainly, they over-invested in higher education and found themselves saddled with debt loads that were far higher than if they’d started at a community college and then transferred to an in-state public college." Over paying for anything, including a degree, is a bad idea. But overpaying is the bad part..."

New Dimension (Cost Benefit Analysis)

What is the cost, and what is the future benefit?

Bottom Line

My Bachelor of Arts degree in History is not highly recommended in this list of 10 Worst Paying Degrees (2013). But I ended up in IT - which reflects the skills of a liberal arts major: observing, classifying, applying, analyzing and evaluating. You know, skills that a Liberal Arts degree demands. A good friend got a Zoology degree and ended up in finance.

Is it possible that a specific degree might not be a good determining factor -- unless it was in a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)?

New Item to watch in this debate:

STEM becomes STEAM as "Art" is injected to satisfy the numerically challenged. 


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