Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Music Beta on iOS - Early Results = Fail

Google Music Beta on iOS - Early Results = Fail

PC Magazine reports Google Music Beta Comes to iOS, Sort Of 

"It's still invite-only, and there's still no store, Google Music Beta is now accessible on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. No, there's no app, but there is a new iOS-specific HTML5 Web interface that makes playing songs in your Google Music locker a snap. It's a very Google-like solution (Google's whole Chrome OS is based on the same approach), though, ironically, Google makes an Android app for the service. Unlike Apple iCloud's iTunes in the Cloud service, Google Music actually streams your music from the cloud. 

Apple's service works by on-demand downloading rather than streaming, so you need to have the full audio files stored on your device. A true cloud-based solution like Google Music doesn't require this. Where Apple wins this race, though, is with its enormous store of music available for purchase."

So the first three tries resulted in a Microsoft-esque error message. So I applied Microsoft-esque solution: Closed the browser window, opened iGoogle in another browser window (to confirm my login/identity) then navigated to

5 Minute Review: 

  • Album Art is still hideous
  • Duplicate songs still evident 
  • Streaming works just fine - so 6000+ songs on my phone with little impact to storage
[Edit: 15 minute update - Music was interrupted when Meeting Reminder Alert was triggered, but the Alert was never displayed. Google Music acted like it lost connection (3-4 seconds) then resumed.]

Bottom Line: 

Where Apple wins this race is that their applications work and work well. 

See our previous post: Google Music Beta - Designed by Experts

Also, I still have invites to give away... 


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