Monday, September 12, 2011

The Zero Jobs Report - It's Cool to Stay in School

The Zero Jobs Report - It's Cool to Stay in School

Seeking Alpha comments on the The Zero Jobs Report:
"Once again we are seeing the real return of an educationally bifurcated economy, as those with either some college or a college degree gained (Household Survey numbers) 449,000 jobs last month, which was offset by losses of 581,000 jobs by those with just a high school diploma (all numbers are for ages 25+). The economy actually appears to be doing okay for those with a post-secondary education, but's still mired in losses for those without."
Even was pessimistic: Jobs Report: A Big Fat Zero "...the report screamed stagnation, except where it documented decline." Michigan Live ( cites a study by the Brookings Institute that reduces the problem to a very simple mathematical equation:

"According to Brookings, in the Detroit, Warren, Livonia Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), workers with bachelor's degrees had only a moderately high unemployment rate in 2009 of 6.8 percent, while 21.5 percent of those with a high school diploma or less were unemployed in 2009."
Again, the Xolotech position is that a College Education is critical for developing relationships and garnering critical "signaling" attributes. We just don't think you should go thousands of dollars into debt. After all, the survey does not quote schools attended or academic achievement - only Pass/Fail.

Bottom Line: 

You can pass, or you can fail.  


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